Three-piece pole with Uni-Connect cone

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Aluminum telescopic pole complete with end cone with Italian thread for Uni-Connect system – 3 pieces

It can be used for the large window cleaning, ceilings and vertical walls difficult to reach in height.The operator can reach heights without the use of stairs.


Product made of material that is fully recyclable at end-of-life
Product sold in packaging compliant with Legislative Decree 116 of 03-09-2020 concerning the obligation of environmental labeling for correct disposal at the end of use. 99% of the cardboard packaging used by the company is made on average with 80% recycled paper

  • Completely in aluminium, it is light and stainless steel
  • Easy to handle thanks to the rubber grip
  • It can be blocked at the desired height thanks to its plastic screw
  • Cone designed to attach securely to tools, keeping them in place during cleaning operations and preventing dangerous unhooking
  • The Uni-Connect system allows you to quickly and easily attach the same handle to any cleaning equipment, quickly switching from one tool to another (frame, squeegee, duster...)

Anodized aluminium, Polypropylene copolymer, polyamide and acetalic resin

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