Thermorelief King Lcd Weighted Digital Heating Pad 26 X14

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Thermorelief King Lcd Weighted Digital Medical Grade Heating Pad 26 X14 * Medical Grade Heating Pad Utilizes High End Components And Copper That Enable An Intense Heat And An Automatic Creation Of Moisture * This Form Of Intense Heat Penetrates Deep Into The Tissue * Over 5 Lbs Of Ceramic Clay Beads Are Contained Within This Pad To Enable A Transfer Of Infrared Heat And As Well A Soothing Pressure To Facilitate A Relaxing Experience * Works For Chronic Pain Cramps Arthritis Muscle Spasms And More * Provides Moist Heat Treatments By A Process Of Fomentation Without Adding Water For The Relief Of All Types Of Pain Conditions * Auto On/off Safety Feature * Machine Washable Flannel Cover * Fda Registered * Hcpcs Code : E0215 *

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