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Sunshine  Neutral Cleaner
A pleasantly-scented, no-rinse, neutral floor cleaner, re-conditioner and all-purpose cleaner.  Formulated with optical brighteners to safely clean floors without dulling or removing the protective finish. Its unique formulation lifts and suspends soil for easy removal while restoring the high gloss luster. Can be used in a floor scrubber or mop & bucket.

Tip: Works very well as an all-purpose cleaner for walls, woodwork, etc.

Where To Use
Vinyl Tile Asphalt Tile Linoleum Terrazzo
Vinyl Asbestos Sealed Wood Rubber Tile Stone
Painted Walls Woodwork Counter Tops Desktops

Damp Mop – 1/2 oz./gallon
Light Duty – 1 oz./gallon
Medium Duty – 2 oz./gallon
Heavy Duty – 4 oz./gallon

Dust mop floor prior to cleaning. Remove any gum or other foreign material. Dilute based according to the conditions outlined above. Using clean mop or floor scrubber apply solution to floor. Ring mop out and pick up excess solution. Rinsing is not necessary. Buffing with a white pad will enhance the shine. When solution becomes dirty, a new mixture should be made.

For all purpose cleaning – dilute according to chart above into bucket or spray bottle. Dampen a sponge or spray surface lightly, agitate with sponge or cloth and wipe clean.


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