Sphergo Pop® Press n Go™ Cleaning Tool

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Specially designed for convenience floor care
SPHERGO POP® PRESS n’ GO™ is lightweight and easy to use. No need
to touch the cleaning pads – simply Press n’ Go and when finished “Pop”
the pad off the base. Ideal size and 360° rotation for tight and confined
spaces in the home, restrooms, utility rooms, lunch rooms and more. No
touch minimizes possible cross contamination from the soiled pads to
other surfaces or persons. Use with MicroWorks® Microfiber washable
and disposable pads for optimal cleaning.

How To Use:
1. Press the triggers to open the SPHERGO POP® PRESS n’ GO™ tool.
2. Place the tool on top of the loop side of the microfiber pad and press
downward on the pad until it clicks. The pad will be attached.
3. When finished cleaning place the tool with the pad above the refuse or storage
4. Press the triggers and pad the pad will “pop” off into the container.

Both the Sphergo Pop® TUCK n’ GO™ and the Sphergo Pop® PRESS n’ GO™ can be used with the Sphergo® extended reach pole or the telescoping pole to eliminate awkward bending and clean those hard to reach places. Both tools can be purchase separately.


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