Safetysure Turnease 37 W X 27 L

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37 W X 27 L * The Safetysure Turneasetm Is Ideal For Patients Suffering From Parkinsons Disease Muscular Dystrophy Back Pain Stiffness Or Anyone That Is Having Difficulty Turning In Bed * Simply Place The Turnease On Top Off The Mattress Sheet Just Below The Bottom Of The Pillow * The Slick Low Friction Inner Surface Makes Turning In Bed Easy And Allows You To Regain Your Independence * For Added Comfort You Can Place A Towel Or Incontinence Pad On Top Of The Turnease * The Top Surface Is Water Resistant And Is Machine Washable * Maintain Patient Independence * Assist In Turning And Moving In Bed * Makes Getting Into And Out Of Bed Easier * Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs * Made Of Nylon *

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