Powerpress Sequential Lymphadema Pump

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Gradient Sequential Compression System: Most Firm At The Bottom (foot) And Gradually Reduces Toward The Top Of The Garment Like Human Body. (appx -7 % Each Chamber Pressure). Pneumatic Sequential Lymphadema Pump * Our System Prevents Blood And Lymph Fluid From Reversing To Leg Or Arm During Inflation Time. Gradient Sequential 4 Chamber Compression Therapy. Safety & Lock System. Easy To Transport. Cycle Time 60 Sec / Inflation Time 36 Sec (9 Sec Each Chamber) Deflation Time 24 Sec. Pressure Adjustable From 20 Mmhg To 100 Mmhg. Timer: 0 To 60 Min Or Continuous Mode. Comes With Power Cord. 12 L X 8 W X 5.5 H * Weight 5 Lbs * 1 Year Warranty * Hcpc E0651

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