Nitro® Xtreme Gloss

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NITRO® xtreme Gloss

Tire Dressing


Almost all aerosol tire dressings look good when they’re first applied but drive through a puddle, hit that first rain storm or wash your car and that shine is gone. Not with Nitro®!

Simoniz® Nitro® Xtreme Gloss Tire Shine is a durable, solvent-based high gloss tire dressing that can last up to 30 days in any weather and provides UV protection. Its right up there with Simoniz® Extreme Shine and Resinate on the gloss and durability scale but it comes in a convenient aerosol can. Whether you head to lots of car shows and meets or just want your tires looking wet while driving around town Nitro® is the go-to can when you're on the go. We always keep one in the trunk for tire shining on the fly!

Solvent-based dressings feature greater durability, higher gloss levels, and faster drying times than water-based dressings without any sling. They should only be used on dry exterior surfaces and not in interiors or engine bays.

How to Use:

    • Thoroughly clean your tires with Simoniz® Wash N' Shine car soap or Simoniz® Crush Plus cleaner degreaser.
    • Make sure your tires are completely dry.
    • Spray dressing directly onto your tire or onto a Simoniz® tire dressing pad.
    • Spray or wipe dressing onto surface to desired gloss in thin, even applications.
    • Allow surface to dry to the touch for at least 15 minutes before driving the vehicle to prevent sling.
    For tires with aggressive or knobby treads wipe off excess product accumulation with a clean towel to prevent sling.

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