Madacide -1 32 Oz. Spray Disinfectant-cleaner

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32 Oz. Spray Bottle Each * Alcohol-free Disinfectant/cleaner * Another Effective Product In The Fight For Infection Control By Mada Without The Need For Alcohol * Broad Spectrum Activity (contact Time Of 10 Minutes On Inanimate Surfaces * Kills Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (bcg) Canine Parvovirus Poliovirus 1 Hiv-1 (aids) * Plus Kills Fungicidal Pseudomonacidal Virucidal Bactericidal Tuberculocidal * Stability - 12 Months After Opening With Bottle Cap Replaced After Each Use * Madacide-1 Is A Non-volatile Solution And Will Not Air Dry * Users Must Wipe All Surfaces Dry After 10 Minute Wet Exposure Time Or Reactions With Plastic Surfaces And Plastic Products May Occur *

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