Lymphadema Garment Xl Full Leg Double 30

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Managing A Variety Of Peripheral Edema Conditions From Chronic Venos Insuficiency To Lymphedema * Edema Associated Soft Tissue Injury Such As Burns Or Ligment Sprains. * Postoperatively They Can Be Used To Manage Edema And Decrease The Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis.* Powerpress Units Effect-promotion Of The Blood Circulation.* Powerpress Units Help You Maintain A Fit And Healthy Shape By Managing The Viens In The Lower Part Of Your Body.* Even Aged Skin Can Recover Its Youthful Resilience. Massage On The Various Parts Of Your Body Promotes Blood Circulation Stimulates The Secreation Of The Lymph Fluids And Activates Your Motabolism * Full Leg Xl 30 Length; Mid-thigh 30 ; Knee 25 ; Mid-calf 23 ; Ankle 19 ; Arch (instep) 17 * Hcpc Code: E0660 * 6 Month Limited Warranty

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