Lymphadema Garment Half-leg Single Large

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Managing A Variety Of Peripheral Edema Conditions From Chronic Venos Insuficiency To Lymphedema * Edema Associated Soft Tissue Injury Such As Burns Or Ligment Sprains. * Postoperatively They Can Be Used To Manage Edema And Decrease The Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis.* Powerpress Units Effect-promotion Of The Blood Circulation.* Powerpress Units Help You Maintain A Fit And Healthy Shape By Managing The Viens In The Lower Part Of Your Body.* Even Aged Skin Can Recover Its Youthful Resilience. Massage On The Various Parts Of Your Body Promotes Blood Circulation Stimulates The Secreation Of The Lymph Fluids And Activates Your Motabolism. Foot 9 X Ankle 14 X Rear Leg Lenght 19 X Front Leg Lenght 18 X Thigh Circumfernce 18 ..hcpc Code: E0666 * 6 Month Limited Warranty

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