Ice It! Coldcomfort System Neck - Jaw - Sinus 4.5 X 10

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Designed Specifically For Use On The Neck Throat Sinuses Head Or Jaw Areas This 4 X 10 Unit Has An Elastic And Velcro Strap To Hold It Securely In Place * Cold Therapy Is Often Recommended For Treatment Of Tmj Or After Dental Procedures To Relieve Migraine Pain Or The Pain Of Injury Or Arthritis In The Cervical Spine * Also Fits A Child's Ankle Wrist Or Elbow For Sprains Strains Or Bruises * Includes 4 X 8 Reusable Cold Pack In A Plush Stay-put Fabric Cover With Removable Elastic And Velcro Strap For Easy Positioning * Pack Stays Flexible When Fully Frozen To Mold Around Painful Area * Pack Quickly Reaches Freezing Temperature * Pack Maintains Low Temperature Longer For Optimum Therapeutic Benefit * Pack Has Non-toxic Fill Enclosed In Latex-free Vinyl * Pack Is Durable Enough To Be Used Several Times A Day * Plush Stay-put Fabric Cover Retains Cold Longer And Protects Skin From Tissue Damage * Cover Has Comfort-flex Design Shapes To Your Body For Close Contact And Maximum Benefit * Cover Has Foam Cushion Is Soft And Gentle On Painful Areas * Cover Prevents Condensation From Wetting The Skin Or Clothing * Cover Is Fully Removable Can Be Machine Washed And Dried To Maintain Freshness And New Appearance * Strap Has Velcro At Both Ends To Be Fully Detachable * Strap Has Generous Width For Stability * Strap Is Long Enough For Virtually Unlimited Positioning Options * Strap Provides Customized Compression * Strap Allows The User To Maintain Activities During Cold Therapy

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