Hold My Cpap Hose Blue Jay Cpap Tubing Bedside Holder

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An Excellent Solution For All Cpap Users - Ingenious Yet Simple * Prevents 'fighting' 'tug-of-war' And 'neck Choking' Of The Cpap Tubing While Sleeping * Helps To Prevent Cpap Mask Leaks As You Toss And Turn * Top Tubing And Adjustable Arm Loop Swivels And Moves As You Move - Allowing The User To Move Around At Night Without Getting Tangled In The Cpap Hose * Elastic Internal Cord Stretches As The User Moves * Base Slides Between Box Spring And Mattress - Installs In Seconds No Tools Required! * Folds Flat For Easy Travel And Portability * Lightweight And Sturdy * Includes A Travel Carry Pouch

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