Fastfreeze Therapy Continuous Spray

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A Topical Pain Reliever Used To Treat Arthritis And Sore Muscles By First Dulling The Pain With A Cooling Sensation And Then Relaxing It As Fastfreeze Warms Up * Derived Naturally From Peppermint Oil Menthol Is A Very Mild Local Anesthetic Which Can Be Applied Directly To The Skin Giving A Cool Sensation To The Applied Area * Menthol Offers Short-term Relief For Aches Associated With Arthritis As Well As General Muscle Sprains And Other Similar Conditions * As It Absorbs Into The Skin Camphor Provides A Numbing Effect Helping To Ease And Reduce Pain * Dried Leaf Juice From The Aloe Plant Can Be Used As An Anti-inflammatory Agent While Offering A Healing Effect When Used On The Skin * Ilex The Herbal Extract From The Holly Plant Helps Protect The Skin As Well As Extending Properties Of The Analgesics Found In Fastfreeze * Vitamin E Acts As Both An Anti-inflammatory And Analgesic *

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