Drive Dual Channel T.e.n.s. Units

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Horizontal Design Provides An Improved Ergonomic Fit On Belt * New And Improved Lead Wire Connector Will Not Disengage From Tens Unit * Easy And Convienent Flip Down Control Panel And Battery Cover Reduces Cover Loss Or Damage * Dual Isolated Channels * Adjustable 0-80 Ma 500 Ohm Load * Pulse Frequency Adjustable 2-150 Hz * Pulse Width Is Adjustable From 60-250 Micro-secon * Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-phase Square Pulse * Modulation Selector Offers Wave Delivery In Norma Bust Or Modulation Modes * Plastic Belt Clip * Comes Complete With Carrying Case 2 Lead Wires With Deluxe Connector 9-volt Battery 1 Package Of 4 Pre-gelled Electrodes And Operating Manual * 3 Year Limited Warranty *

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