DIY Headlight Cleaners

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DIY Headlight Cleaners

Headlight Restoration Kit


This all-inclusive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Headlight Restoration Kit will renew any 3 sets of automobile headlights in an easy 4 step process that will last a life-time! This is a world-class headlight cleaning kit that is superior over sanding and buffing systems. It utilizes a Patent Pending UV Ray Protective Spray Sealant which will last a lifetime!

Contains tape, paper, 3 sanding blocks, 3 sheets of sanding paper, 3 sheets of fine grit sanding paper, 1 rag, 1 tack rag, and step by step instructions.

How to Use:

  • With the 6 inch paper and tape, cover-up all around the headlight area. Tape down the edges of paper so the wind cannot blow paper around. Apply 2 layers of tape around edge of headlight for added protection.
  • First take the sanding block, sanding the entire surface of the headlight. Some headlights will just have a yellow layer others will have a cloudy layer depending on make and model. Both have to be completely sanded-off in this sanding process.
  • Then take a sheet of 600 grit sandpaper and wet sand the entire headlight surface smooth until the balling-up” on sandpaper no longer appears.
  • Then take a sheet of 1000 grit sand-paper wet-sanding entire headlight smooth. The more you sand with 600 and 1000 grits, the better the end-results will produce!
  • Then take the white rag and clean the entire headlight surface of dust, lightly wipe-off the dust on the headlight surface. Wipe and clean entire surface!
  • Next take the Headlight Renew spray can from your box and shake for 3-4 minutes.
  • Using the spray can, spray an even “semi-gloss-coat” over entire headlight surface using sweeping left to right motion. Allow 1st coat to dry approx. 2-3 minutes. Then apply a second gloss-coat coat evenly over entire surface. Refer to website video for applying UV Ray protective Sealant process! (You may want to practice spraying a small amount on a board before applying Sealant to the headlight.)
  • If a “cloudiness” appears in spray, use a hairdryer or a heat gun and apply hot-air on headlight for 30 seconds and “cloudiness” will disappear!
  • Proceed to 2nd headlight and repeat process. Allow both headlights to let dry for about 5 minutes, and then remove all tape and paper carefully from your automobile using caution not to touch headlights.
TIP: For best results: 1st coat is semi-gloss coat, 2nd coat is the gloss-coat!

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