Country Gravy Mix 8 x 22 ounces

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Trio Country Gravy Mix 8 x 22 ounces

Trio Country Gravy is light off-white gravy with a creamy texture and visible pepper specks, and sausage aroma. The superior country gravy is perfect for your breakfast menu, lunch or dinner specialties and buffet items.

Trio products are good for you and great for them. Created to deliver a consistent, delicious flavor for your customers, and an easy preparation experience for your operation.

You can always trust Trio for:

  • Superior, consistent flavor
  • Easy to prepare just OPEN – POUR - STIR
  • Steam table quality (4+ hours holding time)
  • 0g Trans Fat or Saturated Fat per Serving
  • Low Fat & Low Calories per serving
  • No added MSG*

*This product contains free glutamates from ingredients such as hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and yeast extract. No added MSG.

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