Carebag Commode Pail Liners (20-1-2x15-3-4 ) 16 Oz. Bx-20

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The Carebag Disposable Commode Liner Is Designed To Safely Collect Transport And Dispose Of Body Fluids When Using A Commode * The Liner Avoids The Unpleasant Job Of Cleaning The Commode Pail And Reduces The Chance Of Cross-contamination * The Carebag Contains A Super Absorbent Pads That Turns Liquid Waste Into A Gel Within A Matter Of Seconds * Easy To Use Simply Place The Liner In The Commode Pail Use And Toss * You Never Have To Worry About Cleaning A Commode Pail Again! More Economical Than Commode Liners Filled With Absorbent Powder * The Carebag Commode Liner Is The Superior And Affordable Solution The Commode Users Need For The Daily Management Of Their Soiled Commode Pails * Once The Bag Is Sealed There Is No Risk Of Spills Or Splashes

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