ALPHA 5107 with Boost wringer

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ALPHA 5107- collection + storage + washing with Boost

Multipurpose trolley, ideal for areas where dusting, waste collection, floor mopping and cleaning of surfaces are required.


Buckets made of recycled plastic at least 50% by weight, PSV certified, available in different colors according to their final use
Manufactured with repairable components and / or available as spare parts, to ensure a long life cycle


Product partially made of PSV certified plastic components - Plastic Second Life: the first Italian and European brand of environmental product certification that guarantees and makes it easier to identify goods obtained using recycled plastics


Filmop is certified according to the Carbon Footprint Systematic Approach, carried out in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14067:2018 standard, which allows to quantify the environmental impact of the product expressed in CO2 emitted at each stage of the life cycle


Product made of separable materials and, consequently, recyclable at the end of its life
Product sold in packaging compliant with Legislative Decree 116 of 03-09-2020 concerning the obligation of environmental labeling for correct disposal at the end of use. 99% of the cardboard packaging used by the company is made on average with 80% recycled paper

  • Made of high quality polypropylene copolymer: light, shock-proof, heavy duty and low-temperature resistant
  • Strong, tough, ergonomic, modular, easy to assemble and clean
  • The base can be equipped with an additional fifth wheel in the middle to be much stronger in case of a heavy loaded trolley
  • The vertical frames guarantee the highest hygiene, separating the waste collection compartment from the rest of the trolley
  • Bagholder equipped with ergonomic push-bar, handle supports and hook. It is available in different versions: 120 L, 2x60 L, 1x40 L + 1x80 L, 3x40 L
  • Possibility to replace the fixed bagholder with a foldable bagholder which reduce the overall dimensions of the trolley after use (space saver bagholder)
  • The central basket has a label which can be customized writing the operator's name, the working area or other useful information
  • Buckets 12 L in different colours to separate the different chemical solutions, tools and cleaning equipment in use
  • Flat wringer ideal for all wet mopping systems with flat mops 40 cm. Provides 20% more wringing than traditional wringers due to the intense, even pressure of the wringer plate on the mop. Provides ideal wringing in one movement reducing efforts by 50%
  • Two buckets 15 L which allow to separate the cleaning solution from rinse water for better cleaning results and hygiene, saving water, cleaning solution and labour time and consequently minimum effort of the operator
  • Possibility to close the central part of the trolley with closing door
  • The trolley can be equipped with "HUSH" system: the shock-absorbing pistons inserted in the bag holder allow a soft and very silent closure of the cover
  • Several combinations of shelves and drawers are available: drawers 10 L, 22 L, 40 L, equipped with slide out limiter, with or without lock
  • The trolley can be equipped with hooks, baskets with dividers, carry baskets, handle holders and many other accessories: we suggest you to check our technical catalogue in the "components and accessories" section of our Alpha line of trolleys in order to know the complete range of the available accessories.
  • Latex-free product

Polypropylene copolymer and Rilsan coated steel

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