Adhesive Remover Aerosol

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Adhesive Remover Aerosol


We've all come across the dreaded bumper sticker residue when detailing a car. It's hard to get off and it looks terrible. We needed a quick and easy aerosol formula to make quick work of this so we developed this water-based surface cleaner.

Simoniz® Adhesive Remover easily removes residual adhesive left behind on vehicle surfaces by stickers and decals. It is suitable for use on glass, Plexiglass, vinyl and poly banners, sentra, lexan, polycarbonates, acrysteel, magnetic, painted aluminum and auto paint (spot testing recommended).

How to Use:

    Spray Adhesive Remover onto residual adhesive mark.
  • Allow about 15 seconds for the product to penetrate the affected area.
  • Scrape away the residue with a plastic razor blade.
  • Wipe the area with clean, dry micro fiber towel.

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