3m Littmann Cardiology Iv Black 27 Stethoscope

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Outstanding Acoustics With Better Audibility Of High-frequency Sounds (adult Side Firm Pressure) * Tunable Diaphragm: Hear High Or Low Frequency Sounds By Slightly Adjusting Pressure On The Chestpiece * Standard-finish Chestpiece Black Tube Stainless Stem And Headset * Dual-lumen Tubing: Two Sound Paths In One Tube Eliminates The Rubbing Noise Of Traditional Double Tubes * Next-generation Tubing Lasts Longer And Resists Stains * Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex Or Phthalate Plasticizers * Headset Is Easily Adjusted For Individual Fit And Comfort * Angled Eartubes Align With Ear Canals * Seven-year Warranty Provides Greater Peace Of Mind

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