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The one thing we learned early on in the pandemic and that we've always known, was that it costs a lot to move heavy liquids.  It's a weight and packaging thing with shipping and there's no getting around this.  You can only fit a limited amount of gallons on a pallet, pallets on a truck.  It's a logistical challenge and it winds up costing the user much more in just pass through costs than necessary.  

Why pay so much for a product what is really just water?  Tap water is free. 

The concentrated EvaClean Tablets allow you to just add tap water to any bottle or the Electrostatic Sprayer and go.  Lightweight, easy to ship and we can fit so many more of these on one truck shipment than we could with heavy gallons or sprayers.  It's such a simple solution. 

What started out as best in class hospital disinfectants with impressive kill times on the hardest to kill pathogens like biofilm and c-diff, is being moved into the mainstream and it's here to stay.  

Hospital systems throughout the US, airlines, schools, areas are switching over to cost effective all in one tablets through EvaClean, and we believe it's about time the rest of the nation did too.  




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