Reusable Nebulizer Kit W/t-pc 7' Tubng Nebcup&mouthpc Cs/10

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Reusable Neb Kit That Can Be Used For Up To 3 Months Without Replacement. * The Timeframe Does Depend On The Frequency Of Usage. * General Rule Of Thumb Is If You're Noticing That The Medication Isn't Nebulizing As Quickly Or As Much It's Time To Replace The Neb Kit * Reusable Neb Kit With Nebulizer Cup Mouthpiece T And 7' Tubing * Anti-spill T Design. * Leak-proof And Secure Seal With Simple 1/4 Turn Assembly Design. * Very Low Residual Volume (0.7cc). * High Medication Bowl Capacity (10cc). * Graduated Volume (cc) Markings On Bowl. * Nebulizes In Upright Positions Or At Angles Up To 45. * Dishwasher Safe * Hcpcs: A7005-1 A7005

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