Zzz Cpap Mask & Accessories Cleaner Universal

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The Zzz Cleaner Is The Smallest Most Cost-effective Cpap Cleaner Available * Using Activated Oxygen To Eliminate Any Bacteria Mold Or Viruses It Comes In Contact With The Zzz Cleaner Has A 99.9% Kill Rate And Costs Half As Much As Other Leading Cleaners * No Matter Who Manufactured Your Cpap The Zzz Cleaner Will Clean It With No Adapter Needed * The Zzz Cleaner's Small Size Means That It Can Easily Fit On A Bedside Table Or In A Carry-on For Travel * Sanitizes Without Chemicals Or Water In Just 25 Minutes * The Zzz Cleaner Has A Rechargeable Built In Battery So It Can Be Used Anywhere * Recharges With A Standard Usb Plug * The Zzz Cleaner Is Quiet You Probably Won't Be Able To Even Hear It Unless You Put It Right Next To Your Ear * 2 Year Warranty * Zzz Cleaner Includes Instructions An Airtight Bag With Which To Sanitize The Water Chamber Mask And Tubing A Carbon Filter And A Charging Cable/plug * This Product Is Recommended For The Cleaning Of The Cpap Mask Cpap Tubing And Cpap Water Chamber (note - It Is Not Recommended For The Actual Cpap Machine) *

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