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PurOne Wipes by Evaclean

More options, less fuss.

The EvaClean Surface Wipes system is designed for use with our PUR·ONE Cleaner & Disinfectant, so you can customize your cleaning protocols to best suit your needs. Simply pour the diluted solution over the dry wipes roll in the bucket, wait 5 minutes to saturate, and you’re ready to go!

PurOne Wipes -Dry Wipe Refills by case/pallet include the dry refillable wipes for use with reusable buckets and Pur One Disinfectant/Cleaner sold separately.

Effective disinfection power in the palm of your hand.

  • Easy to use tablets dissolve in ordinary tap water to create a variety of concentrations, from killing biofilm bacteria and COVID-19 to eliminating C. diff spores.
  • Broad-spectrum: From food contact surface sanitizer to sporicidal disinfectant.

PurOne Wipes -Dry Wipe Refills by case/pallet include the refillable wipes for use with reusable buckets and Pur One Disinfectant/Cleaner sold separately.  

Starter kits are available now!  

EvaClean Surface Wipes are available in two sizes and strengths and include everything you need to get started cleaning and disinfecting with the EvaClean Surface Wipes System and PUR·ONE.

Powered by PurOne, the PurOne Wipes offer broad-spectrum chemistry that works for everything from daily cleaning to floor disinfection, EvaClean disposable environmental surface wipes eliminate the potential for cross-contamination that woven wipes can cause.

In addition, many facilities use quaternary ammonium chloride (Quats.) When applied with cotton or microfiber cloths that contain natural fiber textiles, "Quat binding" occurs and the cleaning solution adheres to the cloth, rather than the surface. Oftentimes, the cleaning staff isn't even aware surfaces have not been fully disinfected.

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives is a provider of infection prevention solutions, introduces EvaClean® disposable environmental surface wipes for use with PUR•ONE®, a safer multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant powerful enough to kill biofilm bacteria, Covid-19, and other emerging pathogens

The EvaClean Dry Wipes System is designed for use with PUR•ONE cleaner and disinfectant. This United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) registered product has over 50 kill claims, including Clostridiodes difficille (C. diff), MRSA, and, of course, emerging pathogens like Covid-19. PUR•ONE was also the first chemical with a registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm, a dangerous concern, particularly in healthcare settings. In keeping with its reputation for healthier approaches to disinfection, EarthSafe only uses NaDCC-based chemistries in the EvaClean system, which creates hypochlorous acid (HOCl) when mixed with tap water, is pH neutral and safer for surfaces as well as for housekeeping personnel. Moreover, PUR•ONE is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

PUR•ONE comes in sporicidal tablet form, which provides more accurate dilution. The compact packaging uses less plastic and takes less fuel to transport, which lowers shipping costs by nearly 90 percent. It also requires less storage space and remains shelf-stable for three years in closed containers. The new EvaClean wipes are available in bucket starter kits, and the buckets can be reused with dry wipes refill packs, thus reducing waste.

Initial results from pilot studies currently underway at major hospitals show the EvaClean disposable wipes system offers significant cost savings of approximately 37 percent over microfiber programs, and infection prevention teams are already seeing the measurable process and safety improvements.