What is electrostatic disinfection? How does it work?

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What is electrostatic disinfection? How does it work?

Electrically charged electrostatic spray allows the appropriate disinfectants to roll and evenly coat every type of surface.  The spray contains positively charged particles that can adhere firmly to surfaces and objects.

The already cleaned surface attracts the positively charged droplets like a cling wrap.  The electrostatic spray gains its power with a 360-degree wrap around effect which makes the method extremely reliable method for getting the most amount of surface area coverage in seconds.  Just standing 2-3 feet away with a 1-1.5 second fly over is all that is required.   

For sensitive places like clean rooms, labs, and schools there is a cleaner way to strip dirt particles in areas that need specialty cleaning. For rooms that require a floor-to-wall disinfection is Electrostatic Spraying.

Electrostatic Sprayer Electrostatic Sprayer Starter Kit

Precautions When Using Electrostatic Sprayers, Foggers

Precautions when using electrostatic sprayers or foggers start by looking to see if you are using an electrostatic sprayer or a fogger. A fogger is typically something that is used for pesticides not disinfectants.  An electrostatic sprayer is used for disinfectant application and protective equipment needed will depend on the type of chemicals that are in the sprayer.

The simplest disinfectant to use in an electrostatic sprayer comes in tablet form with NaDCC. It is also the most effective and costs the least.  It is a concentrate tablet that when added to water forms HOCL, a molecule that is made by white blood cells to oxidize the cell wall of pathogens.  There is no protective equipment or PPE needed for electrostatic spraying.  Other chemicals may require goggles, gloves, face shields, chemical respirator masks, and protective clothing as well as keeping an area clear for a period of time.  Only a glove is recommended for adding a tablet of NaDCC like PurOne or PurTabs to water.

PurOne and PurTabs NaDCC Tablet Disinfectants

Evaluating Electrostatic Sprayers for Disinfectant Application

If you choose to use an electrostatic sprayer or fogger

Please follow manufacturer instructions and be aware that chemicals of this nature may also require OSHA guidelines to be followed which may include things like employee health evaluations prior to use.

The NaDCC tablets are just a safer way to go, and with the effectiveness and cost being unmatched, we usually only recommend that NaDCC be placed in the electrostatic sprayers. 



The Protexus handheld and Protexus backpack sprayers are the same electrostatic sprayers used in some of the nation’s leading academic hospitals, airlines, and hotels. Protexus sprayers can also be found in fitness centers and local businesses throughout the US. Other brands usually try to compare themselves to these models, as this is the gold standard in electrostatic spraying technology. When purchased from an authorized distributor the sprayers have a company backed warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase. The PurTabs NaDCC tablets for the sprayer have a 3-year shelf life.


Discover the difference Commercial Cleaning Electrostatic Sprayers can make on your building.

  • Save time on labor hours
  • Get More Surface area Coverage
  • Safer chemicals like NaDCC are better for Employees
  • Safe NaDCC Tablets are Sustainable solution for businesses
  • Clear up storage space and EVS closets with tablets vs dispensers and spray bottles

Get the Best results from Disinfectants

Electrostatic charge added on to a droplet will have 80% more surface area coverage than convention methods of spraying. 

Droplet size distribution of spray is important to ensure the proper surface coverage.  For NaDCC Tablets a 60-ppm nozzle size that is found on the Protexus model electrostatic sprayers is what is recommended by the manufacturer.  Different sprayers will have different nozzle sizes and ppm, always follow manufacturer’s directions for the type of chemistry that goes into each sprayer.

Electrostatic charge of the spray

The EPA recently evaluated the Electrostatic Charge of multiple brands of Electrostatic Sprayers.  Two controls were used as controls, including a garden sprayer and a cold fogger. Neither of these exhibited an electrostatic charge which would have the benefit of the wrap around effect of an electrostatic sprayer.  Surprisingly they also found that one model marketed as an electrostatic sprayer also had no charge.  

What Micron Size is recommended for Electrostatic Sprayers?

EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Guidance recommends greater than forty microns for electrostatic sprayers.  The Protexus sprayer has a 60-micron nozzle that is ideal for the NaDCC tablet chemistry.

What is the recommended surface coverage for an electrostatic sprayer?

The Protexus cordless electrostatic sprayers offer 360-degree touchless disinfection so you can save time over wipes, buckets, and rags.  The Protexus PX300 Backpack offers 10,000 sq/ft of coverage per tank. 



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