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Pump Only * The Aqua Relief System Delivers Therapy And Comfort To Achy Feet And Hands Due To Diabetic Neuropathy Or Poor Circulation * The Therapy Boot (sold Separately) Is One Of A Kind Patented Therapy Pad Which Uses Regulated 107-120f Water To Help Improve Blood Circulation And Cell Function * The Aqua Relief System Delivers Pain Relief To Achy Feet And Other Body Parts Due To Arthritic Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Back Pain And All Other Pain Conditions * The Ars Universal Therapy Pad (sold Separately) Can Be Used On Any Part Of The Body Including; Knee Chest Face Jaw Back Hip Head Shoulder Neck Elbow Wrist Hand * You Can Select Hot Or Cold Water Therapy * Hcpcs Suggested Codes: E0217 & E0249* Item Has A 1 Year Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defect

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